Mutual Assistance

CoVetLab Order Form


CoVet Lab or has a simple process so the Institutes can work together. The Directors have signed a Framework Agreement which sets out the terms and conditions for work to be carried out by one Institute for another.


For a Club 5 scientist wanting testing or work carried out at one of the Club 5 Institutes.

  1. The (Customer) scientist wanting the work done completes a Club 5 order form. It is important that complex work is defined in a project document. These (x2 copies) can then be sent to the (Contractor) Institute which is to carry out the work.
  2. The (Contractor) Institute then signs to accept the work and time schedules, and returns one copy to the Customer.
  3. Do the work and write the reports!

Any queries can be addressed to the Club 5 representatives.

The Order Form