Joint Research Projects 2012

The successful 2012 proposals are listed below.

  1. Development and validation of alternative diagnostic tools for ASF
  2. Sequence based characterisation of ESBL- carrying plasmids from UK, S, F and NL
  3. Bayesian statistical analysis to assess serological testing strategies for avian influenza surveillance in Europe
  4. Recommendations on future strategies for risk-based early warning and detection of known and unknown vector-borne threats

Final reports and publications

Project number 2012-4:

Fernanda C. Dórea, Armin R.W. Elbers, Pascal Hendrikx, Claes Enoe, Carsten Kirkeby, Linda Hoinville, Ann Lindberg (2016): Vector-borne disease surveillance in livestock populations: A critical review of literature recommendations and implemented surveillance (BTV-8) in five European countries. Preventive Veterinary Medicine (in press).

Doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2016.01.005. Abstract attached below.