Joint Research Projects 2013

The approved projects in the 2013 call for CoVetLab joint research are:

  • Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight MALDI-TOF, mass spectrometry for identification of bacteria in veterinary medicine. Partners: SVA, AHVLA, CVI, DTU + external partners. ANSES wants an ”observation status” in the project. SVA: 25000 Euro.
  • Molecular epidemiology of blaCTX-M-1 plasmids in non-broilers Escherichia coli isolates from UK, Sweden and France. Partners: ANSES, CVI, SVA (CVI new partner, AHVLA unable to participate or will contribute at a lower level) SVA: 20000 Euro.
  • A cost efficient field evaluated tool kit for surveillance of tick-borne pathogens in Western Europe (TickTools) Partners: DTU, ANSES, CVI, SVA, (AHVLA - to be confirmed) SVA: 10000 Euro.
  • Development and validation of molecular tools for sub-typing swine influenza viruses Partners: AHVLA, ANSES, CVI, DTU, SVA (SVA new partner) SVA: 15000 Euro.