Joint Research Projects 2014


At the CoVetLab Annual Meeting at CVI in Lelystad, The Netherlands, Thursday-Friday 12-13 June 2014, the evaluation of applications in this year´s call for joint research was on the agenda. There were in total 11 proposals to consider. It was not easy to prioritize among all these good efforts to suggest important research projects. After discussing the scientific quality of the projects, how they fit with this year´s topics of the call, what the different institutes and countries would benefit from each project and if there were any new factors to consider when deciding about the projects, the meeting finally reached a consensus decision about which projects to finance the coming period. The funded projects are:

  • Detection and characterization of the new porcine coronaviruses including PEDV. Project leader: Anette Bøtner, DTU. Participating institutes: AHVLA, ANSES, CVI, DTU, SVA
  • Epidemiological-economic modelling and comparison of African Swine Fever outbreaks in DK, SE, NL and FR. Project leader: Nils Toft, DTU. Participating institutes: ANSES, CVI, DTU, SVA
  • Evaluation and comparison of the Avian Influenza virus subtyping approaches. Project leaders: Ruth Bouwstra & Bart Kooi, CVI. Participating institutes: AHVLA, ANSES, CVI, DTU, SVA

We ask the project leaders to inform the partners in the respective project of the outcome and thank you all for participating in the call. If you want feedback on your application please contact your institute representative. For those of you who didn´t get your projects financed in this call, we hope you will find other ways to continue the planned collaborations.


Call for CoVetLab joint research 2014

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The timeline was as follows:

2014 Timeline
Announcement of call for proposals March 17, 2014
Deadline for submission May 1, 2014
Evaluation by Research Committee May  2014
Approval by Annual Meeting June 2014
Start October 2014