Does the CoVetLab website receive any visits?

The bar graph shows the number of visits (green) and visitors (blue) to the CoVetLab website around the time of the most recent meeting (CVI, 12-13 June, 2014).

Visits to the website in the last 14 days.


Where did the visitors come from? The first map shows the world-wide distribution of recent visitors.

Visitors from anywhere in the world.


The second map displays a more detailed view of visits from Europe.

Visitors from Europe.


Even the Member website receives a few visits. From relatively predictable locations.

Visitors to the member website.

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The public site still receives visits and here is a map showing the distribution of recent visitors:

Map showing the distribution of website visitors.

This bar chart shows the number of page views per day:

Chart showing page views per day.Where did visitors go when leaving the CoVetLab site? Here are the most common exits:

Table showing exit links.