2010 Call for Proposals

Club 5 Joint Research: Call for Proposals 2010

The first call for proposals was in April 2009 and four projects were successful. We are pleased to announce a second call this year and the details are described below.


For the last 6 years, there has been a growing strategic cooperation between the Club 5 partners VLA, AFSSA, CVI, DTU and SVA in the field of animal and veterinary public health. Over this period we have shared expertise in areas such as diagnostics, reagents and control materials and quality standards.

In 2008 it was decided to form a Club 5 research committee and to initiate joint translational research projects to support our responsibilities in the surveillance and control of animal diseases with special reference to exotic transmissible diseases and other zoonoses. The first call for proposals was in April 2009 and four projects were successful.  We are pleased to announce a second call this year and the details are described below.

Composition of research committee: (2 members per partner)

Chris Thorns chairman
Johan Bongers secretary
Paul Martin
Kristian Moller
Karin Artursson
Kath Webster
Flemming Bager
Bo Sundqvist
Fred van Zijderveld
Marc Savey

Identified, possible topics that could be of particular interest in joint R&D.

  • Diagnostics of orphan zoonosis
  • Diagnostics of emerging infections
  • Wild life transmissible diseases diagnostics
  • Array technology
  • Multiplex technology

Rules for joint research


  • Research and development activities; mainly applied and/or translational.
  • Duration from 6 to 24 months, but in general 12 months (to be completed within 12 months.
  • Joint research projects must include three or more Club 5 partners.
  • Exchange of personnel (short term visits) is highly encouraged.


  • Partners will try to work with equal contributions. Budgets will be based on standard working and financial procedures within each partner; Comparison of ‘input’ contribution will be mainly based on time resources made available to the project.
  • Exchange of budgets between partners should preferably be limited to max 10% of the budgets and mainly in the form of invoices to /for ‘services’ and not specific labour costs (we intend to keep the number of transactions and administration as low as possible).

Time schedule

Announcement of call for proposals February 12th
Deadline for submission May 1st 2010
Evaluation by Research Committee May 28th 2010
Approval by Annual Meeting June 16th 2010
Start September 2010

Identified topics of the 2010 call

The Research Committee have agreed to exclude from the call this year the scientific areas addressed by the current research projects. They are: Q-fever diagnostics, Epizootic ulcerative syndrome diagnostics, porcine brucellosis diagnostics and tularaemia diagnostics in wildlife. However, we would welcome a further joint proposal on Johne’s disease diagnostics providing the project takes into account data emerging from ongoing national and European projects on this subject.

We also welcome proposals addressing the general topics:

  1. Test standardization
    Development and maintenance of standard diagnostic reagents ‘panels’ for animal and zoönotic diseases in the interest of Club 5 partners
  2. Test development
    Improved diagnostics for wildlife diseases to enhance current surveillance in Club 5 countries
  3. Test development and validation
    Development and validation of improved methods for detection and characterization of emerging diseases of interest for Club 5 partners, such as BTV, CCHFV, RVFVr.
  4. Free call
    We will be happy to receive proposals on any scientific activity relevant to Club5 and within the translational research context of this call. However, it is important that the project proposal clearly states the relevance of the work proposed and how it benefits the Club 5 partners.


For more information

Contact persons per institute:

  • Philippe Vannier
  • Chris Thorns
  • Bo Sundqvist
  • Johan Bongers
  • Kristian Moller


Budget available per partner (per year) and specific restrictions per partner

All the partners have expressed a willingness to participate subject to financial considerations. Before planning a proposal you should contact one of your institute’s representatives on the research committee to agree the financial support that can be offered by your organisation and the scientific priority areas of the project.